South Africa

Cape Agulhas, South Africa’s other cape

Cape Agulhas lighthouse
Cape Town wins frequent international awards as a tourist destination. Its history, climate, language, and location put it within easy reach for a range of tourists from hardy backpackers to those seeking five star luxury. The city’s proximity to the Cape ...

A Tour of Lagos Island in Nigeria

Transport, Broad Street, lagos
The ambassadors may prefer Victoria Island across Five Cowrie Creek where the Atlantic waters off southern Bar Beach reflect back the dull grey of the sky, and the businessmen the smart suburbs and restaurants of Ikoyi, but it’s the old ...

10 must have items for travel in Africa

10 must have items for African travel
I was in Africa for 13 months, circumnavigating the continent by public transport for the Encircle Africa expedition. Solo and unsupported, this was the first time such an expedition was completed. I was dependent upon two things: the local populous, ...

Visiting the ruins of Gedi in Kenya

Gedi city ruins
A small sign on the dusty red earth side road suggested the way to Gedi. By the small gateway, one that would not have looked out of place in a suburban British driveway, stood a small concrete ticket office where ...

5 things to know about ancient Egypt

the pyramids in egypt
Lately, it’s Egypt’s history in the making that’s been grabbing headlines. But it’s a more ancient sort of history that lures most of us into Egyptian travels. The fascination starts early. Teachers go large on Ancient Egypt, because they know it ...

Amazing safari ideas outside of Africa

Canadian Arctic Circle cruises
It’s true that the majority of people think ‘safari’ and automatically go on to think ‘Africa’, the home of safaris of course but by no means the only continent on the planet where safaris are now on offer. In Asia, ...

Top 5 African Rafting Destinations

white water rafting the zambezi
Africa is home to many natural world wonders from wildlife to dramatic scenery.  One activity in particular, however, can be enjoyed immensely by those brave enough to give it a go. White water rafting on Africa’s rivers is a hugely ...

Camping in Africa

best safaris in africa
To really get an exhilarating, hands-on experience of Africa, many people choose to camp, and whether you’re an experienced camper or not there is a range of options to suit all tastes.  While the idea of sleeping under a canvas ...

Exploring Africa

Things to see in Africa
Africa is, without a doubt, one of the most captivating regions in the world.  Travellers who venture to this continent and it’s towns and cities will often return year after year in search of the natural beauty, fascinating cultures and ...

Braving Morocco, again

marrakech souks worth visiting
My first trip to Morocco left me rather shaken up. I was in my mid-twenties, still naive, and went with a female friend. We had no idea how much she’d be hassled, every time I left her alone, even for ...

Marrakech’s Ancient Hidden Secret

unusual places in marrakech
Marrakech in Morocco is famous for the big Berber souk, iconic Koutoubia Mosque and the bustling Djemaa el Fna square, but beneath the delicious food smells, muezzins and musicians is something older and verging on the divine. Saadian tombs The ...

Why visit Agadir, Morocco

things to see in morrocco
When you think of Morocco, you automatically think of Marrakech, yet the city of Agadir is a destination in its own right, thanks to year-round sunshine and it’s numerous attractions. Flights from the UK are direct, which means little, or ...