Highlights of Botswana

A trip to Botswana allows you to experience one of the few great wildernesses left on this earth. Imagine a primordial world. Imagine the Garden of Eden. Imagine a time when flora and fauna existed in a harmonious ecological system. ...

Helpful Hints for Your Trip to Zanzibar

There are few things more exhilarating than a trip into the new and novel. In the African nation of Tanzania, the beautiful Zanzibar resorts attract visitors from all across the globe. These hotels and villas are brimming with professional service, ...

Africa – My top 10 places to go this year

Tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world and Africa in particular. Africa has both natural and cultural heritage resources that have the potential to attract many tourists from around the globe. This puts some African ...

A guide to Uganda Gorilla Trekking – My advice

Visiting the critically endangered mountain gorillas deep in the jungles of central and East Africa is a humbling and torching adventure. With over 1000 individual mountain gorillas surviving in the central and East African tropical rain forests, mountain gorilla trekking ...
South Africa

Visiting Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town is located at the Southern tip of Africa in South Africa. Known as the mother city and one of the leading tourist attractions on the continent. So what makes Cape Town such a great destination? In one word, attractions. ...
South Africa

Great ways to enjoy Johannesburg

Interesting places in Joburg
With the Rainbow Nation really starting to open up to tourism, many visitors will be keen to visit the city that is considered the heart the nation – Johannesburg. The city, which is also known as Jozi or Jo’burg, is ...

Ecotourism – The Highlights of Ghana

what to see in Ghana
Ghana is a truly beautiful country, with amazing nature and incredible cultural places to visit. That is why one of the best ways to explore it and enjoy its beauty is an ecotourism trip, respecting nature and culture from all ...
South Africa

Interesting places to go in South Africa

Langebaan national park
Whenever people talk about South Africa they inevitably refer you to Cape Town and Johannesburg but there’s so much more to this African nation worth exploring. From the semi-desert conditions in the north to the beautiful floral landscapes to the ...