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How to stay safe and happy on holiday

Horror stories of people plunging to their deaths in bungee jumps while on holiday or being taken hostage in far-flung parts of the world make it regularly into the media. So what can you do to make sure your holiday ...
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Eating Like a Local in Mexico

Burrito with chicken and vegetables
Mexican cuisine is far more than nachos and margaritas. This Latin American country is a culinary hotspot – 31 diverse states united by a deep and historical love of food. While the specialties of each city and each region differ ...
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5 amazing landscapes in the USA

White Sands National Monument
Apart from big cities the United States of America can impress every man with its wonderful nature and landscapes. From ancient times nature attracts artist, writers as it gives spirit of freedom and nowadays doctors prescribes eco-therapy to patients with a ...
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Places You Must See in Israel

Jerusalem where to go
Israel is a country which appears daily on our news feeds, unfortunately not for the most positive of reasons, and although parts of the country are coming under fire, there are plenty of other parts of it that are not. ...
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Cruises: The holiday for everyone

things to do on a cruise
For years, cruise holidays have been the subject of intense debate by travellers and, as a result, there are a number of common misconceptions about vacationing on the sea, including that these holidays are just for older travellers. However, times ...