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The best travel apps for exploring cities


There are endless travel-related apps for both Android and iOS that smartphone and tablet users can enjoy. However whilst most of them like to offer one-stop shop type solutions for your travel requirements, combining several different things under one app, more often than not these apps don’t really help you when it comes to the more practical side of city exploration.

When you’re wandering around a new city most of us want to be able to find landmarks and other popular hotspots in the area.

Thankfully there are apps like these that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Packing Pro

Packing ProBefore you’ve even headed out the door on your travels the one biggest pain in the neck is having to worry about making sure you’ve packed everything you’ll need on your trip.

There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at your destination and realising you’ve forgotten something crucial like a phone charger or your sun cream. Most items you should be able to replace when you arrive however with apps like Packing Pro you can ensure that nothing is left behind. The app helps you plan for your trip by setting up to-do lists and lists of must-have items which you can tick off as you go.

Sit or Squat

Sit or squat appThere’s nothing more frustrating than having to wander around an area you’re not remotely familiar with trying to locate the nearest toilet. It’s something that is especially difficult when there’s the added complexity of a potential language barrier.

Now with a few taps of your Sit or Squat app you’ll be able to swiftly locate all the free toilet facilities nearby. Hilariously the app also includes photos and comments on each of the restrooms ensuring that you pick the best location for your potty break.

Owners direct holiday rentals

Direct holiday rentals appThe Owners Direct app is an extremely useful app for those looking to pre-book their accommodation before they take their trip. There are plenty of similar apps on the market but the OD app boasts over 1 million different types of rental available to its users that includes private home rentals, houses, hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, condos and more. This wide ranging selection spans across the globe over 190 different countries and so you’re bound to come across something near you.


Whilst taking a once in a lifetime trip or travelling around for weeks on end may be an exciting prospect to some, for others it can also mean plenty of moments feeling homesick.

If you have an iPhone you can always video chat with those back home using built-in features like FaceTime but for those who don’t you can always turn to Skype.

The Skype app will allow you to keep in touch with loved ones through voice and video chat wherever you can pick up Wi-Fi. Skype to Skype calls are absolutely free over a wireless network and even if you’re not on Wi-Fi an international call is merely a couple of cents per minute which is significantly lower than most standard mobile tariffs.

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