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Travel battle of the sexes part 2

We recently posed the question of “Men Vs women, who makes the better traveller?” and the response we got from fellow bloggers was fantastic! So much so we had more than enough for two posts on the subject. It’s been very interesting reading everyone’s opinions and experiences. So here’s a few more for you to read. Do they ring any bells with you? Who do you think makes the better traveller? Let the battle continue!

Abby Tegnelia – Day Dream Away

Abby TegneliaI often think I am flakey and unorganized – until I travel anywhere with a man. I might be running to the airport, sweating, after squeezing in something random like a dentist’s appointment before a flight, but I have a folder in my carry-on with copies of all of my flights and hotel reservations – and copies of my passport hidden in every single suitcase or purse.

Meanwhile, I once spent Easter alone because an ex missed his flight. For no reason. I very recently met up with my two brothers in Hong Kong without any kind of plan. Expecting to see them days later, I got back to my hotel room the first night after having dinner with a friend, and my youngest brother had emailed me that he had that day gotten a room in the same hotel and had just arrived. I guess as long as one of us is organized and thinks in advance, it will eventually all work out — usually!

Paul Dow – TravMonkey

Paul Dow from TravmonkeyI really hate planning so I usually find that women will usually take the lead with organising planning etc. It’s often a good way to travel because you open yourself up to seeing, experiencing places and events that you wouldn’t usually.

I’ve just come back for a trip with some other bloggers and weighing the luggage there was no doubt that the women in the group were definitely not travelling light! One of them managed to come back with an extra case! Men generally tend to travel lighter in my experience, this also seems to make packing quicker too!

My girlfriend has a real phobia of spiders to the extent that she can’t even look at photos of them. This means that we can’t travel to jungle places all that often. I’ve been to amazon before, it’s such an amazing place with incredible wildlife but we can’t visit because of the fear of spiders!

Jeff Johns – Latitude Thirty Four

latitude thirty fourIt was is amazing how much you learn about yourself, and your mate, when you travel together. We always knew that moving abroad together, living together for the first time mind you, would bring some interesting challenges. We knew it would either make us strong as rock or completely destroy us.

Its interesting what tasks we have gravitated towards on the road. While I usually deal with language barriers, transportation and big spiders, Marina has proved herself extremely valuable at the real important stuff, keeping records, organizing receipts and generally making sure we stay afloat and can afford to stay on the road in the first place. It takes a village, and usually not the random one we find ourselves lost in.

Graham Padmore – Global Grasshopper

global grasshoppersMen – no such thing as a small plastic bag with liquids for plane travel. Women – politely asked to only use one small plastic bag for their liquids, not three.

Men – Striding through airport clutching itinerary, boarding cards, passports. Women – last seen at the perfume counter.

Men – Only needs a rucksack for a week’s holiday. Women – Wouldn’t be seen dead with a rucksack dahling, and this wheely case isn’t going to wheel itself you know!

Men Vs Women

Its very interesting to read how both men and women can be adventurous, organised and motivated to travel. We often do things we never thought we would do thanks to our partners and friends of differing gender. It’s great to see that there is no clear winner in this battle of the sexes. While we may not have entirely dispelled the myths of men and women this goes some way to prove that together we get an even more exciting travel experience.

What’s your experience of travelling with a partner or friend? Have they improved or hampered your travel experience? We’d love to know your thoughts. Send us a tweet at @travelwithamate or comment on our Facebook page.

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