Josie Shepherd

Josie Shepherd is currently in London, United Kingdom

My first travel adventure was sleeping in a cardboard box in Atlanta, Georgia aged approximately six months, and since then the travel bug has had a firm grip!

I took my first solo backpacking trip to Singapore and Australia aged 18, and have since spent a year studying and living in the US, travelled overland in South America for four months, and taken a number of shorter 'flashpacking' trips to Thailand, India, Morocco, South Africa and many parts of Europe including Croatia, Slovakia and Poland.

Travel highlights include climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, seeing Macchu Picchu at dawn, experiencing a local version of carnaval in Paraty, Brazil, stomping across the magnificent Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina and seeing a tiger in the wild in Ranthambhore, India.

Travel lowlights include being driven off the road by a drunk driver in the Bolivian salt flats followed by a far-too-close encounter with bandits (it was a bad day) and sharing our train carriage in India with a family of rodents.

Other than seeing the great outdoors, I'm always thinking about the next meal, and so food and trying new dishes and local cuisine plays a big part in the way I travel.

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