Scientist/adventurer/writer/speaker. Runner-up in National Geographic Traveller’s travel writing competition, and winner of Bradt’s Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again competition. Current Africa specialist having completed the first solo and unsupported circumnavigation of Africa by public transport!
South Africa

Cape Agulhas, South Africa’s other cape

Cape Agulhas lighthouse
Cape Town wins frequent international awards as a tourist destination. Its history, climate, language, and location put it within easy reach for a range of tourists from hardy backpackers to those seeking five star luxury. The city’s proximity to the Cape ...

A Tour of Lagos Island in Nigeria

Transport, Broad Street, lagos
The ambassadors may prefer Victoria Island across Five Cowrie Creek where the Atlantic waters off southern Bar Beach reflect back the dull grey of the sky, and the businessmen the smart suburbs and restaurants of Ikoyi, but it’s the old ...

10 must have items for travel in Africa

10 must have items for African travel
I was in Africa for 13 months, circumnavigating the continent by public transport for the Encircle Africa expedition. Solo and unsupported, this was the first time such an expedition was completed. I was dependent upon two things: the local populous, ...

Visiting the ruins of Gedi in Kenya

Gedi city ruins
A small sign on the dusty red earth side road suggested the way to Gedi. By the small gateway, one that would not have looked out of place in a suburban British driveway, stood a small concrete ticket office where ...