I am co-founder of Travel with a Mate and we are currently location independent in the Cotswolds, UK. I have visited 60 countries to date and try to add new ones every year :). I love travelling and all things travel, visiting new places and really getting to know old ones.

Why I love Thailand and why you should visit

Koh Chang Thailand
Over the years we’ve visited Thailand many times, its fair to say we’re constantly drawn back to this tropical country for a multitude of reasons. From the bustling city streets and market stalls of Bangkok to the party islands and immensely ...

The Best Places to Tee-Off Around Europe

Often referred to as the luxury pastime, Golf is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or two. If you’ve caught the travelling bug, however, it’s also the perfect way to unwind on your holiday – even if you’ve never ...

Best baseball stadiums to visit in America

Alongside hot dogs and more nachos than you can imagine, the gatekeepers to America’s pastime actually do as good a job of entertaining spectators as feeding them. To demonstrate this point, we have put together a list of the most ...

Six Beautiful Chateaus to Rent in Dordogne 

If you’ve ever looked into renting a property in Dordogne, France, you’ve probably seen the term “chateau” crop up again and again. But what is a chateau and why is it considered the crème de la crème of French property? ...