6 amazing places to visit in Norway

5) Prekestolen

things to see in norway Prekestolen

Prekestolen, or Pulpit Rock, is a huge cliff 600 meters high on Lysefjorden, in the south-western fjords. The top of the cliff is a large flat square and from there the view is one of the most impressive natural sceneries in the world.

Getting to the Pulpit Rock is not that easy. The walk through the forest, heading up, is long and tiring but well worth it. On the way you meet all kind of people climbing it, like a sort of pilgrimage to one of the most beautiful natural cathedrals of Europe.

When you arrive to the top, the view can be outstanding, even when it is foggy. The fog gives a mysterious and silent atmosphere to the surrounding shapes. Visitors get a whole variety of feelings once up there. Some of them feel like flying, and cannot even get close to the edge of the rock as they are scared they will jump off; others can’t even make it to the steps on the main square surface. I saw people arriving at the top and get a panic attack just a few meters away from the rock. Others like challenging their fears sitting with their feet over the edge. The feeling is unbelievable you and your fears become one. The instinct to not look down makes you grovel on the floor then, after a while, when you become more confident with the place,you can enjoy the view. When the fogs lifts the Lysefjorden reveals itself to be rather awesome surrounded by high mountains that draw the shape of the fjord for kilometers!

The Prekestolen is one of those must see places of your life, not only for the experience in itself, but for the sublime feelings you have once up there.

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