6 amazing places to visit in Norway

4) Lofoten Islands

places to visit in norway Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands, just off the northern coast of Norway, are one of the most incredible places you can visit in Europe! Their uncontaminated Nature, the little rorbu villages with typical red fishermen houses on the water, dried fish hanging on wood everywhere and the quiet, unreal atmosphere transform this destination in a true enchanted adventure all off the beaten track.

It is very easy and useful to hitchhike here as bus connections are limited and people driving like to help travelers. At one of the extremities of the isles there is Å i Lofoten, the village with the shortest name ever. When you arrive at the village, you will see just off the road the Tørrfisk Museum. One amusing fact is that the Museuem has its sign written in both Norwegian and Italian. The owner of the museum, a friendly Nordman who knows everything about fishing and fish, explained that the Italian name is there for 2 reasons: first because he loves Italy and the Italian language and second because Italy is the greatest buyer of Norwegian cod (tørrfisk) fish in the world.


Lofoten is simply outstanding, as much as Reine, the main village of the islands. It hides behind wild mountains, but once revealed Reine steals a piece of your heart. If the weather is nice, climb one of the mountains and go up to one of the peaks to have a sit and enjoy the amazing beauty of the midnight sun on the Ocean! It makes you feel small but also the happiest person in the world!

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