6 amazing places to visit in Norway

Amazing places in NorwayNorway is an awesome country to discover step by step. It changes a lot from one season to another; it enchants the winter traveler with its soft white atmosphere, its sweet winter tenderness that creates a cosy world with short dark days transforming your stay in an explosions of different sensations, and it astonishes the summer traveler with its midnight sun, everlasting days and beautiful bright colours.  You can’t help loving Norway, its people and their language.

Off the main tourist routes you have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, probably in the world. With almost the same surface area of Italy or New Zealand, Norway has only 5 millions inhabitants…the rest is Nature and sublime beauty!
Here is a collection of spots you shouldn’t miss when you are there. Some of them take time to get to but once you find them, they will stay in your heart forever.

1) Bergen

where to go in Norway Bergen

Whether you arrive by train, boat, plane or car, when you arrive in Bergen you have the feeling you are finally in Norway! Bergen is Norway’s precious pearl. The town is beautifully built along the fjord, with the small colourful wooden houses on the Bryggen shining off of the fjord which is usually gray from the rain. The Bryggen is the old Hanseatic Wharf and is the oldest part of the town as well as it’s symbol. Despite being destroyed by fire many times throughout the centuries it has always been rebuilt to as near as the original as possible.

Bergen is one of the most rainy towns in Europe! If you are unlucky enough, it can rain for your entire stay in town! It can rain for the whole summer actually. It can rain for months, in Bergen! Still, this makes this town unique and special. It’s funny and pretty common to find vending machines selling umbrellas along the sidewalks.

Downtown, everyday, from the earliest hours of the morning, the famous Fisk Torget, the Fish Market, keeps the town alive and full of joy, giving visitors the opportunity to taste all kinds of fresh fish.


Go around and about the Fish market, talk to the people selling fish, listen to their stories, sometimes they are travelers from all over the world who have settled there just to sell fish in the center of this amazing town! And then get a panino with fresh prawns or salmon for breakfast…it will make you come back again and again, looking for something else as tasty as that!

In front of the Fish market you can catch the Fløibanen, the funicular that goes up to the top of Mount Fløyen, one of the peaks of the area. From the top of Floeyn you have a spectacular view of the entire town and Bergen fjord. It’s simply outstanding! If you arrive there on a clear evening, around sunset, in summer that can be around midnight, you can experience one of the most beautiful sceneries of the entire country.

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  1. Bergen
  2. Ålesund
  3. Trondheim-Bodø (by train)
  4. Lofoten Islands
  5. Prekestolen
  6. Traena

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