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It’s safe to say that since this site’s birth 2 years ago things have really taken off. From humble beginnings with a few ideas we’ve grown in to a busy and colourful website with lots of great advice from over 135 contributors. We’ve sent people on some amazing review trips and served pages to millions of visitors too. Both Deborah and I went full-time to run the site and officially became “Location Independent” in Asia.

We’ve never been the type to stand still. Physically or metaphorically so we pondered for some time what we would do next. What could we achieve with our experience and expertise?

Like the invention of the flux capacitor, we had a eureka moment and an exciting new project was born. After months of planning, designing, developing and organising our new baby is here and we call her Places To Go.

Places To Go

Rather than launch a new blog with a new topic we wanted to do something totally different. Something fun that people could play with and a place to explore inspirational travel ideas in a new way. So we created an awesome design that we think is fun to play with and beautiful to look at too. Check out our introduction video to see just what we’re talking about.

Lots of new sites being launched

Yup that’s right, Places To Go isn’t just one site, it’s a whole network of new sites! Each site features the best places to go on a particular theme. Months of the year, countries, types of travel and activities. We’ve got a whole host of sites being launched this year alone. It’s a huge task but one we’re very motivated to achieve. Here’s the sites live so far with others on the way.
Where to go on a luxury holidayAfter nearly a year our luxury travel site “Pure Travel Style” joins the Places To Go brand and already looks awesome. All the latest luxury travel ideas for 5 star hotels, tours and activities from around the world. Go to

Places to go on holiday in the UKOur home country seemed an obvious place to start as it’s a place we know pretty well. We already have a whole bunch of great places to visit in the UK and lots more on the way in the coming weeks and month. We also have a very exciting road trip project in September, more on that in another post. Check out

Places to go on holidays in December

From our research we’ve found people are already searching for places to travel in December. Whether it’s winter sun (if you’re in the northern hemisphere), skiing holidays or a chance to take the family to meet Santa, it’s all on here. Lots of new ideas added every week too. Visit

As you can see the design is simple and fun. Go ahead and play with the bubbles, have a hunt around for some great ideas. Filter our guides by type or location. There’s lots more to come too. New sites, a new podcast, regular videos, some awesome competitions, some big travel projects and lots more!

Join our team of experts

Just like Travel With A Mate we want help our fellow bloggers but this time with a twist. The sites are all about offering your guided expertise on a place worth going to. We’re looking for great writers with expert knowledge of a place. You can write as many as you like and we’ll be sure to support your efforts with profiles, links to your site, organised review trips and our expert support to help your site grow too. Contact us for more information.

Follow us and win

We’ll be sharing the latest places to go and lots of other great content on both Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also be giving away some exciting prizes in the next few months so if you’re following us you could win! You can also follow all the latest news on all of the sites at our new official Places To Go blog.