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A Guide to Cruises for first timers

If you’re currently considering taking your first ever cruise the experience may feel daunting. You probably have a lot of questions about what to expect, many of which may be prompted by common myths surrounding cruise travel. This general overview should put to rest most of your fears and give you the confidence to make your first booking.

Are they expensive?

caribbean cruiseOne of the most prevalent myths surrounding cruises is that they are expensive. In fact, being all-inclusive, cruises can work out as very good value for money, and can be far cheaper than ‘land’ holidays. There are, of course, luxury liners for those wishing to spend a lot of money for a truly exceptional trip, but also many budget liners and many more in-between, meaning there should be something to suit every pocket.  There are also many short cruises available, say for a long weekend, which can give you a taste of a cruise holiday without breaking the bank.

What if I get seasick?

oasis of the seasA major worry many first time cruise-goers experience is the threat of potential seasickness, especially if they have suffered from motion sickness in the past. Most modern cruise liners come with stabilisers to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible, and so seasickness actually isn’t an issue at all for the vast majority of people. Take a look at one of the luxury new liners such as Oasis of the Seas and I can’t see how you could be ill aboard!

Won’t I get bored?

cruise entertainmentYou also don’t need to worry about being bored; unless you choose to be, of course. On-board most liners there are numerous, frequent and varied activities, all of which are optional and so you don’t have to worry about being forced into something you’re not comfortable with, such as limbo dancing! Do as little or much as you like, as you would on any holiday, the same can be said when you stop at port, wander through the towns, see historic sights, or go and top up your tan on sandy beaches.

Are Cruises just for the Retired?

family cruisesAnother stubborn untruth that persists about cruises is that they’re only for the retired, but this is not the case at all. There are family, couple, adventure and other types of themed cruises to choose from complete with every imaginable itinerary. They’re not expensive as already mentioned so there really is no excuse to try the sealife once. Simply shop around, check out reviews from like-minded travellers and find your perfect match. Once you’re ready, visit a cruise specialist such as Cruise1st and make that booking.

Cruises are becoming ever popular amongst every age range and group of society, the choice of destination & activities are fantastic. Take the leap and give them a go!

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