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Really enjoyed contributing

I was really impressed by the quality of content and the diversity of destinations covered. I’ve really enjoyed contributing to the site, and continue to use it personally as a resource for my travels.

Lindsay Young
Lindsay Young

Bookmarked in my browser!

It's great to see such a wide variety of posts from people of all ages and backgrounds. I've added things to my travel bucket list that I probably wouldn't have considered before. I've also contributed too!

Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens

I will forever be grateful

They sent me on a trip to review a surf School in Australia & it was an amazing experience! I learned to surf while indulging in my love of writing. I will forever be grateful for giving me such an opportunity.

Laura Fritsky
Lauren Fritsky

More than happy to contribute

The moment I logged on to the site I was in love. I dig the whole idea and was more than happy to put together fun things to do in a city. They let me create whatever I want in whatever style I chose to.

Alicia Taggio
Alicia Taggio

They helped me grow my own blog

It’s a pleasure to be part of this site. It’s so simple to share my own stories here! They sent me on a Cruise press trip too and my contributions here have also helped me to grow my own blog, so it’s a win, win!

Keri Allan
Keri Allan

I really appreciate the opportunity

It's a very traveller friendly community. They asked me to write something about Seoul and readers seem to love it! To become one of the contributors is great and I really appreciate the opportunity.

Runaway Juno